Monday, August 22, 2011

Guardian Angel

I learned this prayer in my first grade back in the Philippines.

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

I still use this prayer till now.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tying my shoe laces

Today I learned how to tie my shoe laces. Dad bought me and Aron each a new pair of shoes last night. The color of my shoes is checkered pink. Aron's little shoes color is bright pink. At first it's so hard to tie the shoe laces. But Mom and Dad taught me how. Today, I practiced until I knew how to do it. I am  so happy.  Aron still don't know how to tie her shoe laces hehe. Yey, I'm now a big girl.

Later at night, we chatted with  my godparents Ninang Wawai and Ninong Richard. We talked in Skype. Their son Deu is very cute. He will be Aron's boyfriend soon. His little brother Ean is still a baby, very very cute and always sleeping. I and Aron danced for them with the song "Nobody" by Wonder girls. Deu showed us all his toys. He is so cute and handsome.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I love Sherlock Holmes stories

Mommy bought me a new story book yesterday. It is entitled "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He solves mysterious cases with the help of Dr. Watson. The book is divided into three stories. The first story is titled "The adventure of the speckled band". The second story is titled "The adventure of the blue carbuncle". The third story is titled "The scandal in Bohemia". I like the stories so much. Mom reads the story to us last night. Then I read it again. I love to solve cases with Sherlock Holmes. He is so smart. I didn't finish reading the whole book yet. The story book is for grade five students. Mom said the English used here is basic and not hard to understand. So now I'm going to read more. Thank you. See you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Chinese name

My Chinese name is 范美麗 or read as Fan Mei Li. Fan is short for Franje. It was followed from my Mom's Chinese surname. Meili means beautiful and my Dad gave me this name. I don't really like my name because I think I'm not beautiful hehehe. My sister's Chinese name is 安亞 or read as Anya. I chose her name. I don't know what it means, but it sounds like her English name Tanya. My Mom's Chinese name is 范凱希 or read as Fan Kai Xi. Mom said Kaixi means something about victory, but actually she just took it from her nickname Kathy. Dad's Chinese name is  弗瑞杰 or read as Fu Rui Jie. The Taiwanese embassy gave him his name. Dad said it sounds like his surname Franje, in short nothing special hehe. If you want to come to Taiwan, you should have your own Chinese name. How about you? Do you want to have a Chinese name?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My family in a House

Today, I asked my Mom and Dad to help me make a poem. They taught me about  rhymes, metaphors and  creativity of  words. Mom asked me to start with comparing ourselves to a house. Here it goes:

Daddy is the post of the house. Like a post, he is strong. He works and provides food and comfort for our family. He makes our family strong and never to fall apart.

Mommy is the lamp of the house. Like a lamp, she brings light to our lives. She guides us, makes us smile when we are sad, comforts us, and tend to our wounds.

Joey ~ well that's Me! Guess what I am. I am a "television" of the house. :) Like a television, I'm so loud and always talking he he he. I dance and sing for my family. I am the entertainer. I make everybody laugh and sometimes annoy them with my loud voice.
Aron, my younger sister is the "alarm clock" of the house he he. Like an alarm clock, she is so annoying. She wakes us up early in the morning and begs us to sleep early at night. When she wakes up, she is so loud greeting everybody good morning. Then she starts making noises by going in and out of the bathroom, playing with the water, taking a shower, and sometimes watching TV. She is so annoying he he he.

How about you? What kind of thing are you in the house?

My family in a house

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning to ride a bicycle

You know, before coming to Taiwan, I still don't know how to ride a bicycle. It's because I don't have a bicycle or nobody taught me how to drive one. Well, I had a bicycle once when I was a toddler but it was a three-wheeled type. When I came to Taiwan, my Mom's friend gave me her daughter's small bicycle. Few weeks later, my Dad brought me and the bicycle to the second floor of our building to practice. He taught me how to balance and how to drive it. At first I was so scared to fall down. But my Dad told me not to be scared and to stay focused. He held me properly so I would not fall. We practiced everyday. But on the third day, my Dad let go of me suddenly. I still don't know how to turn the bike by myself, so I went straight crashing to the post. I got slightly wounded on my foot but it was not that painful. And on the fifth day of practicing, I finally learned how to ride the bicycle. I was 7 years old. Yehey! I celebrated my new found skill by riding my bicycle around the campus, together with my Mom and Dad. That was such a fun day. How about you, when did you learn to ride your bicycle?

That was me practicing in the campus, November 2009.

Driving around the university campus with my parents.

My little sister

My little sister's name is Aronne Tanya. She is 5 years old. I was 4 years old when she was born. She was very tiny and so cute back then. I love her so much. But now she is already annoying. She always take a shower twice a day. Daddy always scold her about it. Before, she is not scared of taking a bath in the swimming pool. But now she is scared, such a sissy. If we eat ice cream she eats like a pig hehehe. She eats all of my ice cream. On August 30, Aronne will be studying in my school. Her grade is kindergarten. Aronne said she don't like to go to school. I told her sure you do! Aronne said "No" hehe, I am just joking. As I write this blog, she is so loud hehehe. How about  you? Do you have a little sister like Aronne?

Aron is hiding from the swimming pool. 
Aronne is enjoying swimming before. Seeee! (with her nanny)